Submissions wanted

Submissions are now being accepted for edition 4 of our series of writing by women about men.


• Length limitations: 25 double-spaced pages for fiction and nonfiction; ten double-spaced pages for poetry.

• Email submission address: msaligned2019@gmail.com.

• Deadline: July 1, 2022

The best way to know what we’re looking for is to check out Ms. Aligned 3, available on Amazon.com.

Donna Miele is the editor. Donna is a reader, writer, and editor from New York’s Hudson Valley. Her fiction has appeared in the Massachusetts Review, North Dakota Quarterly, Ms. Aligned 3: Women Writing About Men, and elsewhere. She’s a founding member of River River Writers’ Circle, a member of the Inkwell Journal editorial board, and a member of the Ms. Aligned editorial board.

Rachel King is the assistant editor. Rachel is the author of the novel People Along the Sand, the forthcoming linked collection Bratwurst Haven, and two poetry chapbooks. She has worked in editorial and production at West Virginia University Press, Perseus Books Group, and Ruminate Magazine.